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We now sell bagged Eco Logs Click here to read more

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our retail shop is now closed for the summer and will re-open on 5th September 2016. Deliveries will continue as normal.

Welcome to South West Forestry

We are a friendly, family run company, proud to be supplying West Cornwall for over 15 years with quality firewood. We pride ourselves in supplying a reliable, friendly and honest service. 

We dry our wood on site using our state of the art Biomass Boiler and kiln, powered from the waste we produce. We deliver a variety of firewood – Hardwood, Softwood and mixed loads, as well as bags of wood both hard & soft, and Kindling too.  We also build and fit, made to measure log stores.  And can supply woodchip and sawdust for animal bedding etc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers old and new for their orders.

We now sell bagged Eco Logs Click here to read more

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NEW Wood Crates

We now have 1m3 crates of kiln dried hardwood Ash (the crate measures 1m3 internally not externally like some competitors). This wood is neatly stacked and converts to approximately a 1.5m3 loose load. These crates will be available for tail lift delivery from week commencing 21st September, so in most cases we will be able to use pallet trucks to place the crate straight in your garage provided it has a smooth enough floor.

Feel free to order from 1st September for delivery later in the month. Each crate is £160 delivered or £300 for 2 crates delivered or as we can fit 3 on the truck you can have 3 crates for £400. This works out at £133.33 each (£88 per loose cubic metre)!!

Free delivery is within 20 miles of Helston, however contact us for a delivery quote if you are outside that area.

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