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South West Forestry’s Hardwood Heatlogs are made entirely from recycled material, making them completely environmentally friendly and clean.

Hardwood HeatLogs

Heat LogsThese HeatLogs provide environmentally friendly fuel made from sustainable energy resources. Heatlogs are devoted to providing renewable wood fuel by making use of materials that would otherwise go into landfills, adding to the long list of the environment’s problems, they are made from recycled sawdust and clean wood waste.

  • Heatlog briquettes offer an ecological energy saving alternative to coal for domestic or commercial central heating system.

  • Heatlogs are made from a natural sustainable source - an ideal fuel for wood burning stoves and boilers

  • Heatlogs provide longer lasting heat for BBQs, chimeneas and fire bowls

  • Heatlogs burn for much longer than wood and radiate higher heat temperatures

  • Heatlogs are completely clean to touch, leaving no residue on hands or clothes - unlike many other solid fuels.

  • Heatlogs are manufactured in the UK from sawdust produced in the UK

Price per box £3.99

Info and how to use Eco Briquettes

Briquettes must be kept dry and out of sunlight as this can cause condensation in the bag and impair the quality of the briquettes, damp briquettes will be difficult to light and may cause smoking. A dry shed/garage is ideal for storage. South West Forestry’s briquettes can be used on their own or together with coal or wood etc. And you can light these briquettes in the same way as you would traditional firewood, with help from some paper, kindling and or firelighters. (please see our menu on the left and click on FAQ for further advice).

Never over-fill your fire basket or wood burner and never close off the air supply as the briquettes need air to burn.

If you are using a wood burner never add more briquettes than you would with normal logs, as overheating may occur and you may damage your stove.

As these briquettes burn hotter than normal logs, it is advisable to add small amounts regularly.


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