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On the firewood prices page you will find our load sizes and prices, you will also notice that we sell different species of tree’s for firewood, why is this you may ask? Well the simple answer to this question is that people like to have the choice, some people prefer Hardwoods while others prefer Softwood. However there is more to it than that!


• Broadleaf, i.e. looses its leaves annually
• Slower growing, hence denser timber


• Coniferous, i.e. evergreen, keeps its foliage
• Faster growing, hence not as dense as hardwood timber

The only difference between the above woods are, because softwoods are less dense, more wood is needed, however this is a relatively small difference, there is a common misconception that hardwoods are better firewood than softwoods, in fact weight for weight, the energy contained in the wood is very similar. With any wood for burning, the important key is for the wood/log to be seasoned/dry, ideally the tree should have been felled at least 1 year prior to burning, this would then be classed as seasoned, this would be perfectly fine to burn, however if it could be processed i.e. cut into logs and air dried under cover i.e. in a well ventilated barn, or in a log store (click on the log store link to see store’s we have made for customers, prices etc.) for a further 4-6 months this would then be classed as seasoned and dry, and therefore would be the ultimate log for burning. It most important that you do not burn green or un-seasoned wood, however as most people require firewood purely to burn during the winter months as you can imagine we get very busy, and we try to encourage customers with the relative space to order un-seasoned wood during the summer months, to season at home, so they always have a good supply of seasoned wood with out going through the winter rush, and also saving a little money at the same time, as every year we have a sale on our “green” firewood.

The diagram below is supplied by the Forestry Commission and depicts a very simple and useful comparison between the amounts of hardwood versus softwood needed to produce the same heat.

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